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Leighana's Custom Tie-Dye Creations

📢Backstory & details (It's long but hang in there):

My daughter (almost 5yrs old), has taken up an interest in Mama's business. She wants to do what I'm doing, but Mama here needed to find her a "job" she enjoyed but was also safe for her to do so.

Since she's taken such an interest, and seems to enjoy this new venture, we're going to give it a try for as long as she's interested. My baby girl is growing up and trying to discover who she is/wants to be and I think her having something of her own like this is a healthy start on that path. I'm very excited for this journey we're on.

So.... In comes our special new collection.... Leighana's Custom TieDye Collection. 🎉 (an official name is still in the works 😅)

▪Leighana is hand dying these herself (Mama does supervise of course and help with tasks she's not able to do yet) - and of course, we are not forcing her to do this lol, this is merely letting her have fun, being creative, and just figuring out who she is ❤ and by selling what she decided to create, we can add to her college fund for her future. Kinda like a lemonade stand sort of thing 😁
▪PROFITS will go into her College 529 account.

We are mainly gauging this collection towards children, but adult tees are available as well. 

Offering with or without designs (I will press the designs myself if you choose to add a design).

🛑Tiedye patterns will be random, but you may indicate color preferences 🛑