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Leighana's Custom Tie-Dye Creations

Leighana's Custom Tie-Dye Creations

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This is a special Faultless Design collection


You may put in the notes at checkout any color preferences (or colors you'd like us to avoid). 

➡ALL SHIRTS ARE HAND DYED BY OUR  DAUGHTER. This is a special collection we're doing for her for a number of reasons. 

  1. She's taken a big interest in Mama's business and wants to help. Tie Dye is a safe alternative for her be apart of this business. If a design is requested on the tee, Mama here will heatpress the designs.  
  2. This will help her learn more about who she is/wants to be all while she learns about running a small business. 
  3. Currently, this is fun for her. By selling her creations not only helps save for college, but also helps her to continue doing what she currently loves (helping Mama make things). It gives her a fun, safe activity to dive into!
  4. All profits will go to her College529 account to help save more for college/schooling. 

➡OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR DECORATED TIEDYE TEES (designs will be pressed by me). 

➡No two tees will ever be the exact same. 

➡Washing separately for the first few washes is recommended in event the fabric releases dyes when washed. Some fading may occur. 

➡Alternate tee brands may be used if needed. If you would like to request a specific brand (such as gildan, or bella) please make a note in the notes section at checkout. 

✨Any questions at all, please reach out to us, and thank you in advance for not only supporting us here at Faultless Design, but helping our daughter grow. ❤

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