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Faultless Design LLC



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  1. Leave a detailed description of what you'd like the design to be/look like. 
  2. Make sure a contact method is used on the order, or left in the notes, so that we can contact you regarding the custom design. 
  3. Design proofs (with watermark) will be sent prior to design being made - please keep an eye out for communications from us after ordering. 
  4. 2 free design edits after the initial design is sent - any after that are subject to a design fee. We want you to love your custom order, we will work with you to achieve the look you're wanting, but please be respectful of the time it takes to design/edit. 
  5. Pricing here is base pricing - subject to additional fees depending on final custom design. If additional money is owed, a invoice with remaining balance will be sent. 
  6. Full payment is required prior to custom orders being processed. 
  7. You may NOT take our designs we create to send elsewhere for products to be made. If you'd like someone else to produce products using designs we create, you may contact us to discuss purchasing the design outright. 
  8. Need a custom order/custom product not listed here? Please email or Facebook message us. 
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